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Upward Spiral Entertainment

"Gina is not only incredibly wonderful at design and imagery she is FAST! I would be on the phone with her explaining what I wanted and she would tell me to check my email as soon as I finished talking and she would be dead on! Amazing to be able to have that fast response with the best quality. She knows her tools and she uses them well. "

Up 2 Code Fire and Safety

"Affinity Promo Design's work is amazing! Their skills are up-to-date, and their knowledge of the industry is spot on!  APD really knows how to put a program together that is tailored made for your business or project! They have a great eye for the type of artistic design that any Company needs and they very customer service oriented!

APD put together a website for my Company a few years back and it is still running strong today as it was the first day she designed it!

Thank you APD for your knowledge and your professionalism, it is greatly appreciated."

Moomau Plumbing

"Gina is absolutely wonderful. She rebuilt our website and it has helped us increase our sales with its professional look and layout.

She is great to work with, fast and has incredibly good customer service skills. She is also reasonably priced.

I go to Gina and Affinity Promo Design every time I need help for promoting a business. I would recommend her to anyone."

Samson Motors

"Affinity Promo Design designed a great brochure and some snappy new business cards for our company. We were extremely happy with their products and their responsiveness made the process fun and easy. With APD’s creative and technical abilities, plus their excellent communication skills, they took our promotional materials to an all new level.  We had some very specific ideas of what we wanted and APD worked hard to incorporate these, while at the same time improving on the overall presentation. Affinity Promo Design even met our very tight deadline, which was a big help to us.

At our first air show using the new brochures, we gave out a record number – people just grabbed them up like candy!  Awhile later, I was on a commercial flight and was showing the couple seated next to me the Switchblade brochure, describing our flying car.  The man, who was holding the brochure, was captivated by it and kept kept exclaiming that we had something exceptional.  About 20 minutes later, a gentleman seated behind us called to me through the crack between the seats, “Excuse me but do you have another one of those brochures that I could have?” He explained that he had been listening to our conversation and looking at the brochure through the crack."


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Hotel Internet Services. Inc

Founded in 2003, Hotel Internet Services (HIS) is a leading provider of secure wired and wireless Internet services, Video-on-demand, IPTV, unattended business centers, kiosks, 24x7 support services, meeting & convention services for hotels, resorts, timeshares, casinos, and other venues. . READ MORE

David Pomeranz

One of the most successful and prolific songwriters and performing artists on the scene today. His songs and recordings have sold over 40 million copies worldwide, earning him a total of 18 Gold and 22 Platinum records, and...  READ MORE

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